Paisley Food and Drink Festival – A Vegan Guide

Recently I was invited on a press trip up to Scotland for Paisley Food and Drink Festival. Paisley is a town located a quick 15 minute drive from Glasgow. It’s history visible from its beautiful architecture and recognisable Paisley fabric design. The most striking of Paisley’s architectural legacy is the Paisley Abbey, acts as the centrepiece of the food and drink festival, which takes place in the grounds of the Abbey.

This year, Paisley Food and Drink festival had a large focus on vegetarian and vegan foods, so I was excited to see what they had on offer. The fourth annual festival proved a real hit with more than 10,000 people turning out to sample some of the best produce and street food from across Scotland over the two-day festival. A number of activities took place over the weekend including the Gin 71 bar, who hosted tasting sessions which proved very popular (I think I managed to sample 8 different gins in the end?), and live cooking demos from Masterchef’s Gary Maclean and Dirty Sanchez’s Matt Pritchard (AKA The Dirty Vegan).

Vegan Churros // Paisley Food and Drink Festival //

 Leigh and I with our Vegan Haggis

We managed to sample most of the vegan options (including some vegan ales from the CAMRA Real Ale Bar), during the day, with my favourites being:

There were plenty more options which we unfortunately didn’t have the stomach space to sample, but it’s a good enough excuse to head back next year!
Overall it was a great day with much food, drink and live music.

Vegan Hot Dog // Paisley Food and Drink Festival //

Paisley Blossom Trees //

Vegan Crepe // Paisley Food and Drink Festival //

Disclaimer: I was invited to Paisley to attend the Paisley Food and Drink Festival and write about my experience – all opinions are my own.

Green Gathering Round Up + Some Links

Last week we had the pleasure of attending The Green Gathering Festival in Chepstow, Wales. Charlie had managed to get a couple of his cabins sold there, and we were lucky enough to attend the festival together. We’d not been to this one before, and it’s always extra exciting to experience a new festival. We worked out that between us, over the years, we have been to an array of different festivals over 150+ times! Many of them are ones we do every year (Glastonbury etc) so the novelty can wear off. However, we were both so excited to experience Green Gathering.

Green Gathering is a small festival, near a racecourse in Chepstow. With glorious views over to Bristol and across the Severn Estuary. It’s entirely off-grid – using only solar, wind or people power. Possibly the cleanest, most caring festival I have had the pleasure to experience.



As it was just Charlie and I, with a small build, our days were relaxed and stress free. We got the cabins set up quickly, and set about getting a little camp area sorted with lots of sticks and logs for some fires over the weekend. I managed to make a little garden of bracken around the cabins to make them feel a little more homely.

Now, I know I work with Charlie, every day. However, I often feel like we don’t really ‘see’ each other. We miss the opportunities to spend quality time together, rising early in the mornings and getting straight to the work, and falling into bed hours later and passing out. This is our routine for most of the summer. His job can be pretty stressful, and he is constantly thinking about staff, the build, future builds in the weeks ahead, that sort of thing. I admit I get quite needy, and sometimes it can cause a rift when I feel like I’m not getting my fair share of his time. We live, eat, work together, yet sometimes I feel like I haven’t seen him all week. My excitement at a whole week with just me and him was through the roof!






The week exceeded all my expectations. One night, after a rather failed attempt at a (useless and cheap) BBQ; which never even got hot, we made our own ‘BBQ’. Our version resulted in nothing but a pile of burnt corn and peppers. Fed up, and still pretty hungry, we made a little camp fire. We grabbed some sticks and whittled them into skewers, making sure our big bag of marshmallows wasn’t going to go to waste. We stuffed ourselves with the toasted, gooey, sugar filled buttons and grinned to each other. We swapped childhood camping memories, reminiscing about nights spent sleeping under the stars. We got THE BEST view of the meteor shower, Perseid, that was taking place. I have never seen shooting stars as big and long as I did that night. We watched it for a good hour or so, cuddled up on a big chair, so wonderfully content. I could have cried with happiness. That night is going down in the books as one of my best, happiest nights ever.

The weekend was filled with laughs, wonderful music, talented craftsmen, spoon carving workshops, thought-provoking talks, drumming in a tipi, too many super strong ciders, THE BEST CURRY EVER, fluorescent pink sunsets, crazy views, exhilarating yoga classes, and the friendliest group of people ever. Thank you Green Gathering, we will most definitely be back.











I’m off on holiday for two weeks, so things might get a little quiet around here. I’ll have access to my Instagram and Twitter, but not much else. I’ll be back in full force in September. For now, here’s some links for a few bits I’m loving this week.

The brownies and coffee here (seriously, if you’re in Bath, make sure you go!)

These beautiful wooden coffee cups

Anything and everything in here at the moment

This little visitor who stayed at my parents in the week

These crazy tasty Bloody Marys, along with all the other #drinkthesummer tipples.

My favourite ex-boss / mega lady is chopping her luscious locks off for charity, and you can support her HERE

Billy’s sweet, funky voice



Have a great couple of week guys!