Spinach and Wheatgrass Crêpes + Win Indigo Herbs Superfood Goodies

Ever feel like your inner cogs are all out of sync? Whether its you health, plans or just general mood not lining up? I felt like that a lot last year, especially towards then end of the year when I was out of work for a while. I lost all sense of routine and lost a bit of myself along the way. I doubted myself, my body and my brain. It wasn’t obvious something was wrong, until now. This year, something has clicked already. Like all my cogs are in sync and I can just chill. My body feels good, my head feels good, and my heart is bursting. A happiness wave has washed over me, and I hope it’s gonna stay high tide for a while.

Needing a little pick me up? Wanna shake up your pancake repertoire? Look no further, these green machines are the perfect lunchtime boost. They’re packed with spinach, wholesome buckwheat flour, and a hint of wheatgrass.

We’re talking:
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87 thoughts on “Spinach and Wheatgrass Crêpes + Win Indigo Herbs Superfood Goodies

  1. These look wonderful and I could certainly do with a healthy boost. I love adding various powders to my morning smoothie, but also like them in porridge and pancakes too.

  2. Ooh these look SO good Sus, I’ve just tried their protein powder for the first time, and loving it in smoothies. These crépes definitely look worth a try, will bookmark them!

  3. These look gtreat, I could do with a detox from all the Christmas chocs, which, of course, we’re still eating!!

    1. I think I have been converted to savoury style now! Trying to cut down my sugar intake, I try not to eat refined sugar but I do eat a lot of fruit etc!

  4. My juicer is out all the time and I use it most days but I like to ring the changes by whisking in other things to improve the colour, flavour and nutritional value. I almost always whisk in a dash of fresh lemon juice and Udo’s Oil but I like the idea of whisking these in, too!

  5. I love the sound of the Spinach and Wheatgrass Crêpes, so I’d definitely try those 🙂 I’d also love to try the Spirulina Powder in a salad dressing…I’m sure there is so much you can do with them though, I’ll definitely be consulting Google!

  6. I like making up my own cereal combos..not always a success! so might try them in cereals and perhaps in some soup recipes

  7. A chirizo, mushroom omelette with a sprinkling of spring onions and spinach leaves to finish off 🙂 Delicious 🙂

  8. Originally I would have said a green smoothie, but after seeing your crepe recipe I think I shall have to try the green crepes

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