Smokey Pepper Dip

Smokey Pepper Dip //

I am currently somewhere on the South West coast of France, hopefully on a beach by now, watching the sea, or attempting to finally master surfing once and for all. I am most likely flailing around in the water trying not to look uncool. Tagging along with my parents once again, for a 2 week break in the sunshine. There will be sailing on the lake, paddle boarding with my sister, market meandering, 3 hour long lunches (featuring this smokey pepper dip) with wine in hand.

For now, here’s a quick recipe that you can make at home or camping. Grilled peppers release their sweet, charred flavours in this delicious smokey pepper dip. With ground almonds for extra protein. I’m using organic produce here to raise awareness for Organic September. Organic peppers have a richer flavour than non-organic. This dip requires minimal fuss, just a bit of skin-peeling before you can throw it all in the blender and dip to your hearts content. Happy summer grazing friends.

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