Savoury Turmeric Granola with Cully and Sully

Savoury Turmeric Granola // - a tasty, crunchy and aromatic granola to top soups, salads and anything else

Textures. Salty and sweet. Smooth and rough. Liquid and crunch. That’s what I like. Something with some bite. I love a hearty soup in Autumn and Winter, but sometimes miss the motion of chewing or crunching on some ‘substance’, this savoury turmeric granola was a whimsical idea that turned out rather fantastic. We have made it on repeat since then and pack it into a jar for easy accessibility at every meal time. 

This recipe is a loose one. Rough Measures at it’s best. Chop and change the buckwheat groats for rye or quinoa flakes, or if easier, leave out all together and double the oat quantities.

I made a big batch of this savoury turmeric granola to sprinkle over some soup last weekend. Not just any soups though, the lovely flavours of Cully & Sully. Cully & Sully started in Cork, Ireland, and set out to make soups with tonnes of flavour, and packed full of nutrients. I have had a rough month and needed an easy, comforting lunch one rainy day, and these were just perfect. They offer a range of flavours, but my favourite was the Pea & Minty soup, while C loved the mushroom soup.

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