Rosie Letts Nutrition and my Health Journey

Rosie Letts // Bristol based nutritionist //

This weeks post is slightly different to my normal style, I do hope you enjoy reading: Rosie Letts Nutrition and my health journey.

Early this year, I hit a slump. I was feeling sluggish, tired and lacking any get up and go.  I knew something was up, I was constantly bloated, hungry and was craving sugar like mad. I had constant brain fog, and it was so bad it was making me seriously anxious. My diet was pretty good, and I was exercising often, yet didn’t feel the benefits as much as I thought I should. A friend of mine had had sessions and a treatment plan from Rosie Letts, a nutritional therapist based in Bristol, and had recommended her highly. Rosie has a first class degree in nutritional therapy, has seen over 500 clients to date, and has seen them rid themselves of PCOS, Eczema and IBS. I set up a phone appointment to see if we could get to the root of my issues.

Rosie Letts // Bristol based nutritionist //

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27 thoughts on “Rosie Letts Nutrition and my Health Journey

  1. What an interesting post! As much as I try to eat balanced I know I’m not doing it right as I have to concentrate so much on what I eat and how much I exercise in order not to gain weight. A consultation with this woman would be very beneficial!

  2. I’ve got a lot of the same symptoms as you. I’m going down the NHS route which is soooooo slow. A month for the first GP appt, a month for the follow up and now I have an appointment at the hospital with a three month wait. I’m so glad that you’re feeling better and Rosie was able to get to the root of your issues so quickly.

  3. What an interesting post, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it. i’m now on a mission to get my eating habits sorted out. I feel constantly tired and I need all the energy I can get for over the summer holidays x

  4. Wow this post is super informative! I’m going to have to check out this programme. I know I can have slip ups with my diet when I’m not focused

  5. This was really interesting to read. I’m experiencing something very similar to you and I’m local to Bristol so I may look into this.

    Ami xxx

  6. Oh gosh, I was really looking forward to reading this, so can’t understand how I managed to forget about it – until now. This is really interesting. The gut seems to be key to our overall wellbeing – I dread to think what’s partying down in mine! Hope you manage to stick with it and your health improves noticeably.

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