Rocket Gardens Review

Rocket Gardens Review - Instant Garden Arriving -

A few weeks ago, a rather large parcel arrived on my doorstep. It was a package I had been eagerly awaiting for a while. It was my Rocket Gardens delivery. Rocket Gardens was started in 2005, by Mike Kitchen. What started as a few seeds in his garden has now developed into a vegetable and herb seedling delivery service, with all plants starting life on their organic nursery in South Cornwall. They offer selection boxes, from Window Box Garden up to Allotment Garden, and also plant packages (hello pumpkin and squash patch!) When I was offered a Rocket Gardens review opportunity for the blog, I jumped at the chance. Since moving into our cottage, I have found myself in the garden more often than I thought I would. Enjoying the peacefulness and tranquility that comes with gardening.

Rocket Gardens Review - Instant Garden Garden Freshly Picked -

In my box (which is only packed with recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging) was their Family Favourites Veg Patch selection. The contents vary depending on the season, and in ours was a selection of plants; beetroot, carrots, Cavolo Nero, courgette, green beans, leeks, lettuce, potatoes, rainbow chard, rocket, runner beans, spinach, sweet peas and tomatoes. We set about unpacking all the plants and getting them settled into their new home – our garden! In total we received a whopping 120 plants. At £34.99 for this box, it is a bargain.

The plants from my Rocket Garden selection seem to be growing well, especially the runner beans and tomatoes. Unfortunately the cats decided they like to eat the sweet peas, and the slugs got to the lettuce within hours. I’m hoping we can still manage to grow a good selection of veg and enjoy them in some seasonal salads later in the year. Home grown vegetables just taste that much better in my opinion. UPDATE – slugs are little terrors and have savaged most of the plants, except the beetroot, runner beans and leeks. WE WILL HAVE VEGETABLES!


Rocket Gardens Review // - a review of this plant delivery service

Rocket Gardens - Instant Garden Arriving -

So if you’re feeling a bit green fingered, I’d highly recommend Rocket Gardens. There is something so satisfying about growing you own food.

Disclaimer – I was sent the Family Favourites Veg Patch box to review. All opinions are my own. Thanks for support Rough Measures and my green fingers.

9 thoughts on “Rocket Gardens Review

  1. Oh, I’m super envious of this. It looks fantastic. We’ve planted pretty much nothing this year, so I could really do with a gorgeous box of seedling veg. Looking forward to seeing the veg that emerge.

  2. I have been looking for something like this so thank you – it is literally exactly what I needed! We would have to plant them in raised planters though as my dog is very fond of flattening new plants. Or eating them!

  3. I’ve ordered a Rocket Garden for the first time this year, and so far it seems it’s a fantastic service. I also ordered the Family favourites veg patch, for my allotment, and I’m pleased to say everything seems to have taken well. I avoided the slug issue with a range of things – some organic slug pellets, a couple of cloches for the lettuce, and wool pellets that create a felt surface slugs hate. The only thing they managed to get was a couple of cucumbers in a grow bag.

    I’ve supplemented the 120 plants from my Rocket Garden with a few of my own (some replacement cucumbers and extra beans) and I’m really looking forward to a fruitful summer!

    1. Hi Deborah! Thanks for these handy tips, we have heard about wool pellets so should probably check them out. Unfortunately the only things still going are the leeks and some rocket and tomatoes weve kept indoors!

  4. Love the look of this, especially if they do a herb version. We’re pretty good at the fruit and veg, both in our garden and the allotment, but the herb garden tends to get neglected and then just one or two herbs take the entire area over. At the moment we only have lemon verbena and sage. That’s it!

  5. I second that! There definitely is a lot of satisfaction in your own grown ingredients even if it is just one or 2 of the ingredients. I referenced this on my IG account (thenutritariankid) a lot when i first started ordering from these guys in 2018. love the concept, love the quality, in the process of ordering my supply for the 3rd year 😀 we’ve moved 3 times and this is still something i squeeze in no matter how little space I’ve got, its a pleasure i cant do with out lol

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