Here at Rough Measures, I try to create dishes that will leave you feeling satisfied and warm. I enjoy using nutritious, fresh and organic produce. I believe food nourishes the body and soul. The better quality produce you put in, the better you will feel. Eating healthily doesn’t have to be a chore, or a pull on the purse strings.

As I live on a narrowboat, I have an exceptionally small kitchen, and a smaller oven than normal. I still manage to enjoy cooking up a storm and get creative with what space we do have. We don’t use our fridge, which encourages us to buy fresh, local and only buy what we know we will use. Minimising waste along the way.

Growing up, I rarely followed weight instructions on recipes, preferring to judge with my eyes, hence Rough Measures. Where needed, I do now weigh my ingredients, however, don’t sweat it too much if you add in a bit of extra flour here, or a teaspoon more agave. I want you to be relaxed with ingredients, add in extra flavours if you wish. As long as a recipe has a good bone structure, you can mess around with its outfit!

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Thank You! I love hearing from you all.