Overnight Oats with Apricot Puree

While you read this, I will be in the South of France, relaxing by the pool (highly likely) with a beer in my hand (definitely). After 10 years of not joining my parents on their bi-annual trip to the South West of France, I decided it was high time I tagged along. I think they regretted this as soon as they saw my pile of luggage bag/bike/surfboard/kayak lined up in the drive. But hey, everyone loves a good game of Tetris-car-boot-packing.

Anyways, let’s get to it. I’ve gotta admit, when ‘Overnight Oats’ started to become more popular, I didn’t get the hype. It was basically cold porridge right? WRONG. This tasty, time-saving, morning lifesaver of a breakfast is now a weekday staple in our humble floating kitchen. Whip up a quick batch, cover, and all you gotta do in the morning is add a few nuts/seeds/fruit and voila, breakfast perfection. So I’m sorry oats, for doubting this version of yourselves as a highly commendable breakfast. All hail the overnight oats.

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Overnight Oats with Apricot Puree (V) (GF)

Makes 1-2 servings


2 x large handful / cups of organic rolled oats (certified GF)
250ml almond milk (you could sub 125ml of milk for water if you wish)
2 tablespoons coconut yoghurt (dairy free – I like Coyo)
1 large punnet of apricots
Approx 200ml cold water
Toppings of choice – blueberries, pumpkin seeds, almonds etc


Start my making the puree – half the apricots, removing their stones. Add the apricots into a pan, adding enough water to avoid them sticking to the pan, but not so much that they are submerged.

Bring the pan to a gentle boil, for 10 mins, or until the apricots are soft and some of the water has evaporated. Leave to cool for 5 mins.

Place the apricots into a blender, and blend into a puree. Store in an airtight container – it will last about 3-5 days in a fridge.

Pour your oats into a bowl or large jar. Add the milk (or milk/water combo), coconut yoghurt and stir well. Leave oats covered, in the fridge, overnight.

In the morning, remove your oats, add extra milk if desired. Add puree and your toppings of choice.






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