New York, New York

How was this trip over a month ago?! I’ve been meaning to write this post for weeks. After our trip, I was in full blown ‘job-search’ mode, and didn’t let myself get distracted by much else. Thankfully, this has paid off and I am now employed, hurrah! Anyway, let’s get down to business, yes?



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15 thoughts on “New York, New York

  1. I adore New York and can concur that brunch at Jacks wife Frieda and smogasburg are foodie destinations not to be missed! I wasn’t so enamoured by Chelsea market but perhaps went on the wrong day. Looks like you had an ace time and we’ll done Mum. Fabulous!

    1. I have to admit I thought Chelsea Market was going to be bigger. We were all really hungry so I think that helped, and as soon as I found the ale in a jar I was content. Plus, any market with an Anthropolgie is fine by me!!

  2. How amazing, I am very jealous, I spent some time in NY on a school trip so didn’t really get to experience it in the best way (i.e. through the food!!). Great round up 🙂

  3. Wow, how time flies. Congratulations on your job. You’ve got some fab shots here and it sounds like you had a great foodie time of it. Your mum is amazing – well done her.

    1. Thank you C! I’ve only been here a week but it already feels like I’m part of the family which is ace. But New York feels like a lifetime ago now !

  4. Sounds like you had an absolutely fantastic time Sus! If I go back to New York I’d visited all of these paces – almost sounds like a different New York to the one we visited 🙂 great post!

    1. Claire I’m sure any birthday is worthy of a New York trip! We managed to find a pretty good deal on flights with delta/virgin! Got to be done 🙂

    1. Amy, you MUST go! It’s such an energetic city, with so much to see and do, and eat! We got q pretty good deal on flights as well. Hope you haven’t been hit too badly by this terrible weather? XX

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