Kabocha Squash and Nut Balls

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When I first tried kabocha, I was truly amazed. I couldn’t believe the difference in taste, compared to the wider known butternut squash. Why were people eating butternut, when there was this denser, tastier, more wholesome beauty kicking about?! It honestly felt like Christmas had come early for my tastebuds. I could not wait to run home and get creating with my new best (food) friend.

These balls would be great to whip up a big batch, ready for a hungry crowd, as an appetiser, or with some accompaniments for a larger meal.

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11 thoughts on “Kabocha Squash and Nut Balls

    1. Hey Lucy, they are round, almost like a small pumpkin shape, normally with a dark green skin. I find the they are so much more flavoursome than the butternut squash varieties!

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