Harrods Christmas Hamper: The Harrogate

Harrods Christmas Hamper // roughmeasures.com - my review of The Harrogate Hamper 2017

My review of the Harrods Christmas Hamper: The Harrogate

Over the years, I have managed to acquire some rather nice hampers. I love their wicker look and they make great storage options. But mostly, I like what the often contain – food! I did a little squeal when Harrods asked if I’d like to review one** of their Luxury Christmas Hampers. They have a vast selection on their website, and I would be reviewing ‘The Harrogate’ – a generous hamper with an enormous selection of indulgent treats, perfect for Christmas time and festive evenings.

 From mint sauce to caramel waffles, the Harrogate has something for everyone. Personally, my favourite part of it is the gorgeous, large wicker hamper – perfect for extra storage in our cottage. I will be using many of these items as little additional gifts to my loved ones (I know my Granddad is going to love the fruit jellies).

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3 thoughts on “Harrods Christmas Hamper: The Harrogate

  1. What a gorgeous deep hamper, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one so big! I would love to find a Harrods bear in a hamper, my sister got one as a child and still has it – I may be a tad jealous-) On the foodie front some UK champagne style sparkling cider would be a lovely find!

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