Gingernuts and Hungry Healthy Happy Book Review

Hey friends! How’s things? I hope you all had a nice long May Bank holiday weekend? Whatch’all been up to? We’ve had a hectic couple of weeks, with only one day off in 14 *burys head in hands* and I feel like I’ve been buzzing about like all the spring bees, without much chance to catch a breath. But today was a bank holiday and I lapped up some fresh air in Bristol with my mum, saw some food demos as part of Bristol Food Connections and generally enjoyed being outside instead of behind a PC all day!

This weeks post is all about this AWESOME book from the ever so lovely Dannii of Hungry Healthy Happy. I ‘met’ Dannii via Facebook and she has been there for help and advice from day one. Dannii’s blog started as a quest to change her unhealthy diet due to health problems. She started cooking from scratch using fresh produce, exercising more and documenting it. Dannii lost almost 100 pounds (!!!) and has maintained a healthier lifestyle ever since. Her new book, Hungry Healthy Happy, is full of delicious healthier versions of some classic recipes. From pancakes, to apple nachos to ice lollies, this book has all events covered. Each recipe has the measurements in grams, ounces and cups – which I love because my scales aren’t always working! The book includes meat dishes, but there’s a great selection of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free dishes. Every recipe contains a break down of nutrients and there is a photo per recipe – something which seems to get missed in a lot of recipe books. A photo really does speak a thousand words!

I was sent Hungry Healthy Happy a few months back and have already made the avocado hummus, raw carrot cake bites, baked beans and gingernuts (see below!) Dannii’s recipes are easy to follow and use ingredients you can find at any basic supermarket. If you are looking for a new book to get you inspired then go out and buy it now.

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17 thoughts on “Gingernuts and Hungry Healthy Happy Book Review

  1. I love Dannii’s book and recommend it to anyone who wants to change to a healthier lifestyle. The gingernuts are really nice!

  2. Fab review and those biscuits look gorgeous. Really like the rings on your hand too 🙂

  3. I love Dannii’s cookbook, its fab isn’t it? and those gingernuts look delicious! Thank you so much for linking to me 🙂

  4. These look gorgeous and full of easy-to-find ingredients too, which is nice to see. It sounds like Dannii has done a good job of thinking of the little things that make a cookbook great – individual photos and grams as well as cups!

    1. Totally agree Natalie, my scales are broken at the minute so I’m using cups, and it makes it so easy that she’s covered all aspects and versions!

  5. I really need to get my hands on Dannii’s book – each review I read (and the recipes I see) makes me want it more! I’m with you on the photos – recipe books really do need photos, I eat with my eyes before my tummy!

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