Digital Detox at West Withy Farm

Digital Detox at West Withy Farm // a much needed rest and break in tranquil Exmoor //

Digital Detox at West Withy Farm // a much needed rest and break in tranquil Exmoor //

After a lovely, deep nights sleep, we spent Saturday exploring Exmoor and the surrounding Devon areas. We walked over the misty, foggy moors and up to Dunkery Beacon. Unfortunately the impending weather meant we couldn’t see much, but it was good to stomp around the soggy moors, walking in the dregs of the March snow that had fallen the week before. We headed on to Lynton and Lynmouth, two small villages sitting on top of each other on a cliff, connected by a very steep path or a cliff railway. We found a cosy pub to grab an early lunch, and then headed for a walk along to the Valley of the Rocks. We spent the afternoon exploring the coast path as the weather lifted slightly. We arrived back at Withy Farm, tired and content, hoping to see some stars, but the clouds hadn’t lifted enough for us to view anything other than dark, black mass.

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11 thoughts on “Digital Detox at West Withy Farm

  1. We are so glad you found benefit in taking a Digital Detox with us. The special featues here of fresh air, silence, bird song accompanied by some exercise and good food all help reset and recharge the mind and spirit. It is #WorldHealthDay2018 today – what better way to benefit your health than to commit to a media free day once a month.

  2. It looks like the perfect place for a digital detox. I’m going on a week long digital detox soon when work calms down a bit and I can’t wait. Social media is a time suck.

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