Digital Detox at West Withy Farm

I feel refreshed. For the first time in over 6 months, my brain is a little calmer. We’ve just returned from 2 days in rural Exmoor, on a Digital Detox at West Withy Farm. Ian and Lorena invited us down to come and enjoy the tranquility at West Withy Farm Cottages. With a focus on switching off and enjoying the surroundings and nature, I knew a digital detox was just the thing I needed.

West Withy Farm is located around 20 miles west of Taunton. The cottages are set within the 23 acre farm, the nearest neighbour is half a mile away. The cottages were converted from two Exmoor stone barns in the mid 1980’s to create charming holiday cottages perfect for a quiet getaway.  West Withy Farm have been welcoming visitors for 30 years.
Each cottage oozes character – from huge beams to 50 cm solid stone walls. The cottages are now complemented by modern internal facilities. With a lovely kitchen space, dining corner and lounge, plus bedrooms with oh-so-comfy beds.   All the cottages have their own garden, ours had a view of the pond so we could watch the geese from the kitchen in the morning.

We arrived and were greeted by Ian, who showed us around. He explained they collect their own rain water, which supplies the cottages. They also make their own bread, butter and jam, and grow many of their own fruit and vegetables. They have cows, horses, sheep, geese and many other animals in their farm. He had even thought to arrange a telescope for us, in the hope we could catch some star gazing time in, but unfortunately the clear skies were not in our favour and it was cloudy both evenings.

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11 thoughts on “Digital Detox at West Withy Farm

  1. We are so glad you found benefit in taking a Digital Detox with us. The special featues here of fresh air, silence, bird song accompanied by some exercise and good food all help reset and recharge the mind and spirit. It is #WorldHealthDay2018 today – what better way to benefit your health than to commit to a media free day once a month.

  2. It looks like the perfect place for a digital detox. I’m going on a week long digital detox soon when work calms down a bit and I can’t wait. Social media is a time suck.

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