Cold and Flu Busting Citrus Smoothie

Cold and Flu Busting Citrus Smoothie // - fight off a cold or flu with nature's remedy.

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I generally see my self as a pretty healthy person. I drink water all day long, I exercise daily, I eat my greens and devour fruit. I don’t eat meat and I barely eat dairy. Smoothies are a daily routine. I don’t feel under the weather often. But every few months, when the seasons turn, my weak spot takes a hit. The hit comes out as a cold or cough, or both, and sometimes it can take me a while to shift it. This cold and flu busting citrus smoothie is a daily ritual when this lurgy comes knocking. I keep a batch in the fridge and guzzle some down every morning. 

Packed with anti-oxidant loaded citrus fruits and anti-inflammatory ginger, this cold and flu busting citrus smoothie is natures remedy for our bodies. The cayenne pepper might seem odd, but it helps break up any lingering mucus in our bodies. Cloves are known to help boost the immune system and contain antibacterial properties. Added to the oranges, lemons and ginger, we have a might medley of nature’s finest.

On another note, more recently this blog has been going down a different path. While at first it was purely recipes I wanted to write about, I now want to feature more articles about health, travel and the planet as a whole. Is there anything you’d like to see more of here? Please do let me know in the comments, or you can email me – . This blog is an ever growing journey, and I thank you all for being part of it. Here’s to new ideas and visions for the future.

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22 thoughts on “Cold and Flu Busting Citrus Smoothie

  1. Love the photos, makes the smoothie delish. Will have to try this smoothie out as its not only good to ward off colds and flu, turmeric and ginger are good for arthritis too.

  2. Sounds delish! This is suitable for kiddies too right? I get so many coughs and colds from germ infested kiddies, I need to treat the source of the problem!!! Also, how long will it keep in the fridge once made?

  3. Isn’t it funny how infallible we feel when we’re healthy? Perhaps it’s a good thing to get a wake-up call sometimes to remind us we’re not invincible after all and a reminder to keep looking well after ourselves to lead good quality lives. This looks like the perfect smoothie to maintain the regime!

  4. Hi Sus! I love adding spices to my smoothie. Sometimes it adds just that extra flavor that you can’t put your finger on! I love your idea about writing more about the travel, health, the planet, etc. I also write about these 3 topics! I was in Morocco in January and purchased some freshly ground turmeric – perfect for this recipe!

  5. I’m going to remember this next time a cold hits me! It sounds very soothing indeed! That’s great news with your blog, I always love reading health articles, so you’ve won me over 🙂

  6. This is such a gorgeous colour Sus. I tend to add turmeric and ginger to my smoothies most days, but I like the idea of adding some cloves occasionally too.

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