Coconut, Chilli and Basil Ice Cream

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“The very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure.”

This week was spent avoiding the festival as much as possible. Most of the gigs we do are so fun and full of like-minded, friendly, happy people. There are a couple however, which aren’t as fun for us. They’re more like big funfairs with the odd bit of music. Not our bag I’m afraid. It doesn’t help when it’s pretty wet and windy and the site turns into a mud bath. Some people are happy to embrace the madness, to really get involved, but I decided to sit this one out. I’m still catching up on sleep from Glastonbury and it was a good excuse to chill. Down time was spent mostly in the caravan watching back-to-back episodes of this, and exploring, lots of exploring.

On Friday, I decided to head over to the West coast of Scotland to visit some family friends who have recently re-located from the South up here. It was such a beautiful drive through the hills over to their new home. A night away in a real bed with a hot bath was just the ticket. They have the most amazing view over the atlantic; out to the Isle of Bute and Arran. We caught up over a dinner and a glass of red. It was good to eat from a table and not my lap. The next morning we took a little tourΒ of the village, snooping in the antiques shop (in a shipping container by the shore!) and guzzled tea in the local cafe. After lunch back at theirs, it was time for me to head back to the craziness.

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24 thoughts on “Coconut, Chilli and Basil Ice Cream

  1. Such interesting flavours for an ice cream, not seen anything quite like it. Don’t blame you for wanting to escape the mud, that’s partly why I don’t go to festivals anymore!

  2. I miss Scotland so much, even if it was grey for a lot of the year. The landscapes there are just breathtaking and I didn’t appreciate any of that as much as I should have while I was living there. Hope you had a fab time with your family and adventuring! I love the flavour combinations in this ice cream, especially the chili!

    1. Hey G! It is such a breathtakingly beautiful place! Where did you live when you were there? I need to explore the Islands off the west coast! x

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