Chai Banana Bread

Chai Banana Bread // - a fragrant twist on a classic bake.

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Spring (well, we like to call it Summer here in the UK) has been dancing around in full force for the last few weeks. I have relished the time outdoors, exploring new places, watching the trees become green again and breathing in the crisp air. Time outdoors keeps me sane, and I often forget how important it is to me. Winter can make me cranky and irritable, Spring gives me hope again. We are lucky enough to live right next to some woods, where we often go for a quick explore. If you need me, I’ll be wandering. 

With wandering comes eating, snacking and all that refuelling. Refuelling with baked goods like this Chai Banana bread. Exploring wouldn’t be half as fun without the supplies, remember? We are lucky to live in Bath with an abundance of fine, independent producers. Once a month there is a brilliant market in the centre, with some of Bath’s finest showcasing their goods. One such company is Henny and Joe’s. Using the finest natural ingredients, they have produced a fantastic quality Masala Chai. Over the years, I have tried a variety of different chai blends, many often laden with additives and excessive sugar, to say I was excited to discover Henny and Joe’s was an understatement. It works beautifully in this Chai Banana Bread, and I am already tinkering with some summer dishes to test it in.

Chai Banana Bread // - a fragrant twist on a classic bake.

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2 thoughts on “Chai Banana Bread

  1. I’m so in love with the concept of this loaf. Brilliant idea Sus. I want to go and make one now. I also want some of that syrup. And I’m all for supporting local independent suppliers.

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