Adventures of the French Kind

I had planned to get a recipe up tonight, but going through a gazillion photos on my camera, I couldn’t miss adding a little photographic homage to my French holiday.

I spent two beautiful weeks in the South West of France, in a little village called Azur. Tagging along on my parent’s  twice annual trip to this beautiful lake-side setting. Excited like a kid (or 27-year-old) at Christmas. It was intensely hot for the first week, which meant much pool-side lounging and hammock swinging (oh, life). I wanted to cram EVERYTHING into my two weeks there, making sure I wasn’t going to miss all the activities I’d been hearing about for the last 11 years. My parents weren’t quite prepared for this plan-every-day-down-to-the-last-second kinda deal. We swam, we ran, we kayak-ed, sailed, surfed and explored. However due to the intense heat, I had to give in and realise that I would have to just CHILL and RELAX for at least a little while. IT WAS FANTASTIC.

My brother, his partner and my little nephew joined us for a few days. Followed by my older brother and his (now) fiancée (WOO HOOO) a couple of days later. Those few days we were all (minus my younger sister) together are days I’m sure we will all cherish for a long time. We are so rarely at the same table all together. Much laughter and smiles were had, and a fair share of wine was drank.

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A Little Get To Know


A while ago, Loriley Sessions saw a gap in the market for us foodies. Where were we all hiding, could there be a way to group us all together and form a little community? A place or platform where we could share views and ideas, and generally talk about our love of food? From this @fdbloggers and the #fdbloggers hashtag was born. This soon created a wonderful place to share our one true passion. I found out about #fdbloggers by chance on Twitter, and have been loving the weekly chats ever since.

I was in a bit of a rut when I first started blogging, too scared to really show people what I was up to, scared of their reactions. Finding such a lovely bunch of people who share the same passions as I do, really helped me grow my confidence, and also improve my blog.

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Green Gathering Round Up + Some Links

Last week we had the pleasure of attending The Green Gathering Festival in Chepstow, Wales. Charlie had managed to get a couple of his cabins sold there, and we were lucky enough to attend the festival together. We’d not been to this one before, and it’s always extra exciting to experience a new festival. We worked out that between us, over the years, we have been to an array of different festivals over 150+ times! Many of them are ones we do every year (Glastonbury etc) so the novelty can wear off. However, we were both so excited to experience Green Gathering.

Green Gathering is a small festival, near a racecourse in Chepstow. With glorious views over to Bristol and across the Severn Estuary. It’s entirely off-grid – using only solar, wind or people power. Possibly the cleanest, most caring festival I have had the pleasure to experience.


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Raw Chocolate Fudge Squares

First of all, an apology. When I started this blog I wanted to make sure consistency was key. That at least once a week, I would share a new creation with you all. I picked Monday as it felt like a good pick me up on a day that most people don’t like. I was strict on myself to get the recipe sorted and ready to go live every Monday. Beating myself up and stressing if by Sunday evening I hadn’t got it fully sorted. However, let me into a little secret, sometimes, every now and again, things happen that mean you can’t get that thing sorted in time. It’s a little thing called life. I battle with it a lot, a tug of war that I try to win in those last moments. But sometimes, life wins. It gives an enormous pull in that last millisecond. You can’t be a superhero, juggling everything at once. Sometimes life doesn’t want you to. So, I am sorry that I missed a week of blogging, and that this post is overdue. But hey, good things come to those who wait, right?

I’ve not been feeling myself the last couple of weeks. Exhaustion has kicked in, in what is now our mid-point through this summer of festival work. The days are relentlessly long and it’s catching up with me. My auto pilot needs a rest. Blogging has been my quiet time, my personal space. When you don’t feel yourself it’s real difficult to find the right words to get down into this blank void. I didn’t want to write something half-hearted or negative, nor did I want to force words and feelings that just were not there for a little while. I needed to re-align myself and get my head feeling all ‘me’ again.


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Glastonbury Round Up + Some Links

Hey friends. This weeks post is a little different. Having spent the last 10 days working at Worthy Farm and dancing my little boots off, I didn’t get time to get a recipe together for you. But panic not, they’ll be back next week. For the time being, enjoy these photos of the festival.

We had so much fun, exploring the many fields of the festival. Some highlights were:

  • An amazing fire / acrobat / arial dance show from the Arcadia stage crew on Friday night.
  • Seeing Mr Eavis himself, driving his red Land Rover though William’s Green and waving to the cheering crowds.
  • Hula-hooping away our hangovers in the Circus Field
  • Watching the sunset over the festival from the Glastonbury Sign on the hill.
  • Dancing to Plump DJs in the awesome Temple Stage
  • An amazing Lebanese mezze plate on Sunday evening
  • All the amazing bands and artists that we got to see over the 5 days.

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