Carrot and Celeriac Slaw

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Yesterday I was feeling like a domestic goddess. I finished work early, got back to the boat before dark and had a sudden burst of energy. I decided I would sweep the chimney. A job that has needed doing for a while but we hadn’t quite found the time to do it yet.

I was up on the roof, chimney hat off, with my make shift chimney sweep (the joys of gaffa tape!), sweeping away. I felt rather proud of myself that I was doing a pretty grotty job. Practical goddess if you will. Once swept I knew I was going to have to go inside and clear out the fire before I could light it and warm myself up. It took me about 45 mins of sticking my arm up the fire and scooping out charred ash. After what seemed like forever, I was pretty certain I’d cleared it out completely.

So I lit a nice fire to get toasty. Then the problems started. Smoke started billowing out of the bottom vents, into the boat. Not the chimney as it should do. So what did I do? Well I opened the fire door didn’t I… let’s just say it took me a long while to get the fire alarm to stop going off.

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4 thoughts on “Carrot and Celeriac Slaw

  1. ooh I love this coleslaw – must order some celeriac as I have not cooked with it for a while. perfect side dish for all kinds of meals. Not being a mayo fan I also love the idea of the cashew dressing

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