Beetroot Bourguignon

There has been an awful lot in the media recently about the healthy/’clean’ eating craze. Foodies and cookbook authors have been getting a lot of bad press. The thought is that the ‘clean-eating’ phase is getting taken to the extreme by some people, resulting in eating disorders. The media deems it necessary to target the current top ‘wellness’ stars and pick faults. It saddens me that as a nation we always need to pick a target and point the blame at someone. Some of the people who are being targeted are some of my main inspiration sources. They do not tell you what will work for you, just what has worked for them. They believe in a balanced lifestyle and use natural ingredients and healthy fats. If that encourages someone to cook a homemade meal instead of a ready meal then I think that’s fantastic. I have never been on a diet in my life, and don’t intend to. As soon as I tell myself I can’t have something, it is all I want. Moderation is key. I listen to my body, some days it needs extra carbs, some days it’s happy on salads. My plant based diet, and regular exercise, makes me feel good, in my mind and in my body. I also love cake. Life is about balance. As Michael Pollan said; Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.

Beetroot Bourguignon //

Beetroot Bourguignon //

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16 thoughts on “Beetroot Bourguignon

  1. This is a wonderful recipe… i’d never have thought to make a hearty stew with beetroot, but i’m loving the idea! The press are always going to hate on people trying to be positive, it’s so tedious how they feel the need to pick holes in things until they fall apart, very sad.

    1. Totally agree Katie, they need to leave people alone! Beets stand up well in this dish as they don’t disintegrate and keep it ‘meaty’ 🙂

  2. This looks delish, I’m a huge beetroot fan! Your Le Creuset casserole dish is beautiful too. I’ve got a couple of Le Creuset pieces in my kitchen in the same colour (as well as a few other shades of blue) and it’s so lovely. I hope you’ve got somewhere to keep it on display rather than tucked away in a cupboard 😉

  3. I am so with you on the backlash. A lot of it is jealousy I think. As a cancer health educator I do have some qualms with some of the recipes and ideas, but for the most part, as you say, they are talking from own experience and not prescribing to others. If their critics were given such a prominent platform, would they shy away from it? I don’t think so. Anyway, I am a huge beetroot fan, and this year I am growing four varieties to play with. This stew looks amazing. I love to eat colour and this fits that urge perfectly. Love the kick of harissa too!

  4. I’m finding a lot of the new food culture recipes coming through really inspiring, but I do object to the phase “clean eating” which is pejorative. Anna Jones’s book is one of my favourites. Love beetroot and what a fab colour your bourguignon is.

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