Asian Kale Salad with Ginger Dressing

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I have had a fantastic, yet mad, couple of weeks. The first of which saw my mum and I travelling up to London to attend the Soil Association BOOM Awards, where I (and this dear blog of mine) were shortlisted for the Best Food Blog award. I was in total shock when I found out I had made it into the top ten, with 9 other fantastic foodies. It was a fantastic event, taking place in Borough Market and a huge amount of effort had gone into making the place a foodies dream. When we arrived we found out that I was in fact down to the final 3, which was incredible! I was so honoured that my little blog had made it to the awards with so many other amazing organic brands. Huge congratulations go out to everyone nominated, and of course to all the winners!

This weekend saw me heading up to Birmingham for the FLEA Enterprises #BlogCamp2016. Blog Camp is like a conference / learning day for food / parent / interiors and travel bloggers. There were about 200 of us there, including around 15 of my food blogger friends. I have met so many wonderful people because of Rough Measures, and it was fab to catch up with some of them. The day was filled with talks on food styling, Pinterest tips, stories from some top bloggers, writing workshops and more. I have come away with a head full of information!

Asian Kale Salad //

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17 thoughts on “Asian Kale Salad with Ginger Dressing

  1. I am having trouble finding kale right. I live outside of London, northwest side.
    Where are you purchasing that lovely kale?????
    I usually buy it from Abel and Cole, but they will not have any back in stock until October.
    Any suggestions on where to purchase it in the meantime?

    1. Hi Kathy, I find it at my local fruit and veg market – they’re still stocking it here in Bath. You could also try a big supermarket like Waitrose? Hope you find some!

  2. I got a bag of kale in my veg box and have been wondering what to do with it… now I know! This looks lovely, full of all my favourite flavours. I bet that dressing is gorgeous on everything!

  3. Now I’m not meaning to sound condescending but good girl for massaging that kale. The amount of salads I see where it’s just plonked onto a plate with no care and looks so tough and unappetising. It’s just disappointing but this one looks and sounds really good.

  4. All my favourite veggies and flavours, this salad sounds delicious. Well done for getting in the final 3 in the Soil Association Blog awards, such a fantastic achievement!

  5. This is exactly what I fancy for my lunch today and I do have a big bag of kale in my fridge – hoorah! So lovely to spend time with you on Saturday, let’s catch up again soon x

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