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A while ago, Loriley Sessions saw a gap in the market for us foodies. Where were we all hiding, could there be a way to group us all together and form a little community? A place or platform where we could share views and ideas, and generally talk about our love of food? From this @fdbloggers and the #fdbloggers hashtag was born. This soon created a wonderful place to share our one true passion. I found out about #fdbloggers by chance on Twitter, and have been loving the weekly chats ever since.

I was in a bit of a rut when I first started blogging, too scared to really show people what I was up to, scared of their reactions. Finding such a lovely bunch of people who share the same passions as I do, really helped me grow my confidence, and also improve my blog.

Recently Loriley started the series #fdbloggers: Get to Know. A fun post to share a little bit more about yourself. The hashtag is #fdbloggersGTK, follow this on Twitter to get a little more insight into the world of Food Bloggers.


Sus (short for Susanna)



What was your reason for starting a blog?

I was stuck in a little bit of a rut, and low point, last September. I had been documenting my cooking through Instagram for a while. I saw an advert for an Online WordPress course, so signed up, and Rough Measures was born.

What’s the dish you’re most proud of?

My favourite recipe on the blog has to be my Chocolate Quinoa Crunch Bars – they were a way to use up left over quinoa, and turned out fab. I make them so often!

Chocolate Quinoa Crunch Bar

What one kitchen utensil could you not live without?

My Nutribullet – it makes the best smoothies, milks, nut butters etc. I use it at least once a day.

You’re stranded on a desert island. What three ingredients do you take with you?

Ras el hanout, raw cold pressed coconut oil, tahini.

Who do you take inspiration from?

I am a huge fan of cookery books. Classic ones by Deliah Smith, Diana Henry and Yotam Ottolenghi. My collection of recipe books is getting out of hand, my current favourite is New Feast by Greg and Lucy Malouf. I also love food blogs, and am constantly scouring the internet, trying to catch up on all the latest recipes.

Your favourite social platform?

Personally, my favourite is Instagram. I am a long time photography lover, and feel pictures speak louder than words. However both Facebook and Twitter have been a huge help in getting my blog off the ground, and connecting with other like-minded bloggers.

Biggest disaster in the kitchen?

Ha! There have been a few. One day stands out in my mind. I had put my wet trainers in the warm (but turned off) oven, to dry out – may sound strange but it’s a trick we often used growing up. Later in the day I decided to bake a cake. I preheated the oven and carried on prepping my cake. As soon as i went to put my cake in the oven, flames shot out and I realised I’d never taken my shoes out of the oven! I managed to run them over to sink and avert a serious fire. THAT SAME DAY, I made some buttercream icing for the cake, but something wasn’t right. Turns out I’d used flour instead of icing sugar. So yeah, that was my biggest disaster in the kitchen! Safe to say I’m a lot less clumsy and forgetful now.

Favourite spot for coffee?

Recently, its Indulgence in Bath. If I’m in a hurry, I’ll grab one of Society’s tasty Americanos.

Favourite food photo you’ve taken?

This picture of my Peanut and Chocolate Chunk Cookies is a personal favourite of mine. I just like the rustic colours and simplicity of the shot.



What would you say was your most successful blog post and why?

My Good Morning Granola has been the most popular post on my blog, and also is one I’m really proud of.

Now nominate three food bloggers you’d like to get to know more.

I’d like to know more about you all – so go!

Remember to follow the #fdbloggers and #fdbloggersGTK to discover new food blogs.

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